7 Day Alkalizing Cleanse Program (PDF) by Dr. David Klein



7 Day Alkalizing Cleanse Program with Dr. David Klein
Dr. David Klein
7 pages

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About Dr. David Klein: 

By taking the 7 Day Alkalizing Cleanse, a purer, more vibrantly healthy, youthful and beautiful you will be yours! The self-improvement you are seeking will unfold every day on this delicious cleansing plan. Give yourself the patience and nurturing love you deserve! Dr. David Klein will be connected to you every day to assure your success.

Begin by setting up the conditions for a comfortable, rejuvenative cleanse experience. When undertaking the Alkalizing Cleanse, a complete rest at home or at a vacation or health retreat is optimum. Walks and gentle yoga may be OK if your level of health is good. Do not partake in any more strenuous forms of exercise. Healing occurs only when we rest and sleep. Step away from the stress! Conserve energy for the body’s cleansing and repair work and go forth with tranquility.

As explained in the Understanding Detoxification & Weight Loss section of The Alkalizing Cleanse and The Alkalizing Diet e-book, weight loss will ensue as you cleanse / detoxify / clean out. Keep in mind that the weight that is lost is toxic, disease-causing morbid matter, unnecessary fat and water. Recognize that it is a good thing that your body has the ability to get rid of the debris that has been dragging it down! Stay well hydrated and rested throughout the cleanse.

If you fully understand the physiological processes of detoxification and healing and if you are relaxed and comfortable during your Cleanse program, you will realize excellent results.

Program Schedule
Begins each Friday morning and ends Thursday evening

Program Features
• The 7 Day Alkalizing Program Guide with a daily menu and schedule for juices and smoothies comprised of raw fruits and vegetables
• Two 15-minute consultations with Dr. David Klein
• Daily e-mail check-ins with Dr. David Klein

Program Benefits
• A copy of The Alkalizing Cleanse and The Alkalizing Diet e-book (PDF) by Dr. David Klein
• A copy of The Art of Rejuvenation – The 7 Essentials for the Renewal of Mind-Body-Spiritual Health e-book (PDF) by Dr. David Klein
• A copy of Raw ‘n Delish Vibrant Recipes – 250 healthful rawfood recipes e-book (PDF) by Dr. David Klein et al
• 12 Vibrance magazine back issues (PDFs and online e-zines) by Dr. David Klein
• A cleaner internal bodily environment
• A quieter digestive system
• A clearer mind and more stable metabolism, unfettered by toxic chemical imbalances
• Less unpleasant body odors
• Effortless regular bodily waste evacuation
• A slimmer belly and loss of excess body fat
• Disengagement from unhealthful eating habits
• Adoption of new vibrantly healthful eating habits
• The promotion of vibrant dynamic health, physical beauty, sex-appeal and optimum physical and mental performance

If you are currently on a 50% to 100% rawfood diet and are not experiencing any drastic disease or detoxification symptoms, you may do The Alkalizing Cleanse.


A. Preparation. 
If you have been eating a diet of mostly cooked foods and are planning to begin The Alkalizing Cleanse soon, first apply The Alkalizing Diet, omitting all fatty foods (seeds, nuts, avocado) and cooked food for at least five days. If you go straight from a diet of mostly cooked foods to The Alkalizing Cleanse, your detoxification experience may be too drastic and uncomfortable.

B. Cleanse Week. 
During your Cleanse Week, get as much rest as possible. Relax and do not engage in exercise that is more strenuous than activities such as leisurely walks and bike rides and gentle yoga. Do not attempt the Cleanse if you are extremely busy and stressed, engaged in heavy labor and athletic training or if you are ill. It is best to do the Cleanse at home or at a vacation retreat. If you feel confident about doing the Cleanse at your job away from your home and if this will not be stressful, you will have to prepare the juices and smoothies at home and bring them to work (unless your workplace has a juicer and blender). The drinks will keep for 24 hours in a refrigerator.

C. Illness. 
If you are currently extremely thin, weak, anorexic and/or anemic, nutrient-deficient, on medications or in a state of crisis, do not attempt The Alkalizing Cleanse. Consult your medical doctor and Dr. Klein for guidance. In most cases, it will be prudent to apply the Vegan Healing Diet Plan, which is a specialized alkalizing diet of the most harmonizing, digestible fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes and squashes, in raw, juiced, blended and, optionally, steamed forms. The Vegan Healing Diet Plan is presented in these two books by Dr. Klein:
-Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s (paperback and e-book)
-Digestion Perfection with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan (e-book)

Stock (all numbers are approximate)
• water – 1/2 gallon / 2 liters per day
• oranges – 40 lbs.
• tangerines (optional) – 20 lbs.
• apples – 40 lbs.
• grapes (optional) – 20 lbs.
• pears (optional) – 20 lbs.
• bananas – 40 lbs.
• dates (optional) – 5 lbs.
• celery – 7 stalks
• lettuce (optional) – 4 heads
• raw coconut water (optional – can be used instead of purified water in smoothies) – 1 gallon / 4 liters
• organic barley leaf juice powder – 4 ounces / 100 grams (optional – if desired, add 1/2 teaspoon to any juices and smoothies to increase your mineral intake and alkalinity – see http://vibranthealthandwealth.com/bookstore/product-category/barley-leaf-powder/.


Juicer.  The Champion juicer is recommended because it is very durable and is perfect for making large batches of fruit and vegetable juices quickly. In comparison, slow-gear juicers take much more time and are much more expensive. The oxidation that occurs with the Champion and centrifugal juicers is negligible. If you are interested in a Champion, please see http://vibranthealthandwealth.com/bookstore/product/champion-juicer-2000/.

Blender.  Any blender will be adequate. Inexpensive blenders tend to break down within 1 to 3 years. Expensive blenders such as Tribest, Blendtec and Vitamix, are generally a better investment because they are more durable and powerful.

Water Distiller (optional). If you are interested in a distiller, please visit http://www.durastillstore.com

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