Digestion Perfection Symptom Assessment (PDF) by Dr. David Klein



Digestion Perfection Symptom Assessment
Dr. David Klein
18 pages

My Digestion Perfection Symptom Assessment Service is provided to help you completely resolve your symptoms and develop perfect digestive and bowel health. Disease and health are caused, mainly by our dietary habits. When we identify and discontinue the causes of our ills, and replace them with a new natural health-promoting diet following correct eating practices, symptoms cease, we heal and are able to build vibrant health. Millions have overcome their gastrointestinal dis-eases and achieved perfect digestive wellness by embracing our natural biological diet as part of a naturally healthful lifestyle. Health freedom is in your hands!

This Service is designed to give you the clear insight into the causes of your dis-ease symptoms and how to proceed with a healthful dietary healing and lifestyle program which resolves your symptoms and brings you vibrant wellness. The scope of this Service entails:

1. E-mail delivery of my Digestion Perfection with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan e-book upon payment.
2. E-mail delivery of your Digestion Perfection Symptom Assessment Report within 3 business days of receipt of your faxed, postal mailed or e-mailed survey form submittal and payment. It will contain:
A. Identification of the causes of your digestive and bowel dis-ease symptoms;
B. Explanations of the physiological nature of your digestive and bowel dis-ease conditions;
C. My top recommended self-healing plan and other options for resolving your symptoms and conditions and establishing perfect digestion and bowel health.

I look forward to helping you to become well so that you can thoroughly enjoy eating and live the life of your dreams in a dis-ease body which functions perfectly well—naturally!

Yours for perfect digestive health,

David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor

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