Yoga Gave Me Superior Health (e-book) by Theos Bernard


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Yoga Gave Me Superior Health
Theos Bernard
e-book PDF
261 pages

Incapacitated with a rheumatic heart condition as a youth, the author’s doctors expected him to die. However, his mother nursed him back to health and he then went on a quest for perfect health. In India he learned from yoga masters and eventually ascended to the pinnacle of health and fitness, as shown in the many photos of the author performing yogic poses. Describes the methods he used to strengthen his heart and practices for “curing” many diseases. Possibly the most comprehensive treatise and greatest book on yoga ever written, it reveals the human potential like no other. Engrossing reading for the beginner and advanced alike! No yogi should miss it!

While in a yoga intensive in India, the author wrote:

“Never have I known such deep and abiding joy, such thrills of ecstasy, such a richness of living, as filled me then. I was conscious of every minute aspect of life. My body seemed to be glowing in harmony with all Nature. I had a sense of awareness far beyond anything I can describe. There seemed to be no one thing which set off this spark; it came from my soul’s contact With the Universal Flow of Life. My entire system vibrated to the rhythm of Nature.”

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